7 Reasons why Cannabis Will Dominate the Wellness World in 2017

With ongoing cannabis legalization, it looks like it is going to dominate the market. And with good reason, as it has many attributes that make it worthy of being named the best superfood on the planet. Everything else pales in comparison to the health benefits of cannabis. The following are seven reasons as to why it is going to dominate the market.

Reason One – It’s New

One of the main reasons why cannabis is going to dominate the wellness world in 2017 is because it is new. There is a considerable amount of hype with regard to marijuana legalization and many people are eager to try out the substance when it becomes legalized. Because of previous social stigma surrounding cannabis, health enthusiasts were unable to debate and discover the benefits of cannabis.They will now be eager to explore all that it has to offer. Anything new is always going to be hyped up so expect to see cannabis topping the list of best superfoods in 2017 on internet health sites.

Reason Two – It’s Easy

Getting cannabis was no easy task before legislation was passed. There was first the price and risk that was associated with trying to get cannabis from black market dealers. This was a significant turnoff. Then it would have to be rolled into a joint, which takes skill and practice to learn. Then a quiet place would be necessary because smoking cannabis was illegal and there was much social stigma attached to it. It was all a very smoke and mirrors operation where getting caught was a big deal. This has all changed with legalization. Nobody cares anymore. And in terms of inhaling the joint there are a number of alternative methods which make it easier for everyone. There are pen vaporizers which means that marijuana can be inhaled on the fly, pretty much anywhere, with no mess and no hassle. You can even get preloaded pens and cannabinoid drink powders.

Reason Three – Disease Prevention

Few other foods, if any, compare to the amazing effects of cannabis in terms of disease prevention. Cannabis is linked to the effective treatment of more conditions than perhaps any other material. Cannabis has been proven to help with schizophrenia, bi-polar, skin cancer, Parkinson’s, HIV, depression, anxiety, arthritis, glaucoma, eating disorders, insomnia and much more besides. While many of the claims might be somewhat overblown in terms of curing advanced types of disease it is not disputed and it is scientifically verified that it helps with all of the above conditions in terms of alleviating the symptoms. At the very least, it will help people relax and sleep if they are suffering from the pain and stress associated with any type of disease. Cannabis is a natural pain killer that is also a superfood. Everybody with a condition that was previously denied access to cannabis due to previous legislation is going to want to get some at all costs to treat their illness.

Reason Four – Cannabis Communities

Cannabis communities are on the rise and cannabis circles are popping up from the East to West. It is replacing alcohol and becoming more of a community thing where people can meet in public areas and share a few joints. This is really at the expense of alcohol where people meet up in bars, but now there is an alternative option which is good for health.

Reason Five- Beauty Products

For those who are anti-marijuana, the plant has numerous applications. One of the most popular applications of cannabis may well be topical. Topical cannabis is a cannabis infused product that is topically applied on the skin. And there are quite a lot of high end makeup and beauty companies who are investing in a wide range of cannabis topicals. CBD infused body care products from companies such as Lord Jones and Apothecanna already have a good reputation for relieving inflammation,

Reason Six – Sports Applications

Another area where cannabis and cannabis related products are going to increase in popularity is health, fitness and exercise. Cannabis has properties which make it a potent anti-inflammatory when applied topically and its ability to relax the muscles is better than pretty much anything else on the market. Ice baths may be a thing of the past and a joint of cannabis could be very effective after a hard workout.

Reason Seven – It’s a Plant

The world is going organic and people are interested in things that are holistic and wholesome. Cannabis is seen as natural and organic, and the green leaves of the plant as well as the buds themselves all contain potent compounds and vitamins. Cannabis can be mixed into a smoothie to give an added effect, and some strains do not get the user high at all. Cannabis can be used solely for its nutritional qualities without any risk of getting high and losing focus. The applications are endless and the vegan and organic movements, already on the rise, are sure to add cannabis to their list of healthy products.

There are many more reasons why marijuana is going to dominate the wellness world in 2017, and its nutritional profile is incredible. The leaves of the cannabis plant are comparable to Spinach or Kale. Cannabis topicals and marijuana strains are on the rise and will dominate the wellness world in 2017 and beyond.

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