Cannabis Lovers: Best Weed Strains to Ring In 2018

Weed strains are important to every enthusiast or medicinalconsumer. As we kick start 2018 these are some of the best weed strains you should try out. Birds Landing Marijuana Delivery

As we begin 2018, new resolutions are being made among which you should include the weed strains to ring. 2017 was the year of the wood sheep (strategy and creativity) and had the strains that went with it.  2018 is the fire monkey year where we already have a proper footing and reach your goals. Carpinteria Marijuana Delivery  As you make your resolutions on the weed strains to ring in 2018, these are some of the strains which you will help you make a purchase that matches your persona.

Best Weed Strains to Ring In 2018


caramalCaramelo is Sativa dominant strain derived from the lavender strain due to its sweet, spicy, and floral aroma. It is renowned for the intricate terpene nature that makes it highly therapeutic and its subtlehigh.  It often preferred when one is seeking an uplifting feel, a boost in energy and some relief. It is suitable for people with a strong moral compass, hardworking, and tender atheart. Additionally, it also recommended when one overworked.


Super silver haze

Super silver haze is a hybrid strain of skunk, northern lights,and haze. It is predominantly a Sativa strain. It is suitable if you find yourself in an overpopulated environment or event. It has an energy boost effect and triggers a jovial mood. The buds have purple edges and a slivery crown which makes it easy to recognize. It’s suitable if you are organizing or attending a party and when one is stressed out. The stain cane be accessed locally be contacting weed delivery service providers. Gonzales Marijuana Delivery


Time wreck

Time wreck is created using the genetic stemming from vortex and blood wreck strains. This weed strain is very strong and caution during intake is recommended. The impact is prompt and some of the effects include euphoria, dehydration, and often is associated with a sense of loss of time. It is therefore advisable to keep a bottle of water around and glycerin to keep you hydrated and avoids dry lips and eyes. It suitable when on is not busy and in a sober mood. One may access the strain from online weed and weed delivery service providers


Dream Queen

DreamQueenis a cross breed between blue dream and space queen which are Sativa based weed strains. It bears a pineapple and methanol flavors which are reminiscent of citrus. Its leaves have a frosty appearance and bear a fruity aroma. It induces a trance-likestate, euphoria and a relaxing ease. It is suitable for gathering people with a common goal and summoning artistry.  People with a cluttered personality or strategic in nature find it helpful. The strain is available on order from online weed retailers for delivery.



Black Domina

Black Domina is a product of the world’s leading Indica strains. Cannabis Afghanica is blended with the indica genetics from ortege, hash plant, and northern lights which resulted in a crystal-coated hybrid with rapid flowering. The strain has a dominant spicy pepper aroma. This strain is suitable when you want a restful night since it causes sleepiness and overwhelming relaxation. It is also associated with stimulation of digestion making it suitable if is one is having digestion problems.  King City Marijuana Delivery


Moving into 2018, these are the must ring weed strains as there is one that suits each event and mood. As you make your new resolutions, do not be stuck in the strains used in the past year try any of the stated strains for a superior experience.

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