Cockfighting Investigation Uncovers Cannabis Grow

A recent investigation into the illegal cockfighting world uncovered an underground marijuana business as well last Friday.

The authorities arrived at Highland, at a property on the Begonia

Road in Victorville with a search warrant at approximately 8:30am.

The investigators found more than they expected when, along with the twenty fighting cocks and the fighting materials, they uncovered a marijuana grow operation. Carpinteria Marijuana Delivery

The cocks were accompanied by evidence of the fighting industry as well as a honey oil extraction lab with approximately four hundred butane cans. The officials found 325 growing marijuana plants and almost 1.5 kgs of concentrated THC. The operation included lighting, air filtration and the release stated that the electricity that was being used to power this operation was being stolen.

One man was arrested with the suspicion of manufacturing a controlled substance and the bail amount was $500,000. The name of the property’s owner has not been released. King City Marijuana Delivery

The San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies were moving forward in an effort to close down illegal cockfighting and uncovered the illegal marijuana growing operation in the process. While marijuana has been legalised on the state level it is still a controlled substance and officials are determined to have marijuana a controlled and regulated substance in California.

Cockfighting is a ‘sport’ that uses male roosters bred specifically for fighting. The roosters have spurs or small knives attached to their legs and they are set to fight each other in a ‘cockpit’. The cocks usually fight to the death or until one does not fight anymore. The spur for people who enjoy this type of ‘entertainment’ is usually gambling. Even though cockfighting is illegal in all the states of America there are still some groups of ‘trash’ that continue to raise roosters for this gambling entertainment. California has recently included extra penalties against those that not only actively participate in these cockfighting operations but also watch it. Gonzales Marijuana Delivery

In the light of a promising marijuana industry it is a shame that such people and operations were found hand in hand with cockfighting and marijuana growing. Marijuana is in the process of a challenging face lift; after years of demonisation there are efforts to educate and display marijuana as a healthy and wholesome addition to lifestyle. However while the type of people involved in cockfighting operations continue to use marijuana as an illegal plant they keep the tainted image of marijuana alive and kicking in the public’s mind.

In California, it is now legal on the state level to grow cannabis plants. However, there are restrictions involved. While the authorities uncovered 325 plants the maximum state level is only 6 plants. And this number can be adjusted according to each city and/or county.

Here are the rules:

  • The minimum age for cannabis consumption is 21
  • No individual is allowed to grow or process more than 6 plants at a time
  • Grows are only allowed where you live, and the growing plants are not permitted to be seen from the public and they have to be able to be locked away
  • No more than 28.5 grams are allowed to be carried on person. More is allowed to be had at home.
  • Indoor growing is not allowed to be prohibited by the cities however cities do have the freedom to prohibit outdoor growing

Authorities in the county are set on cracking down on those who are growing more than the legal limit of 6 plants. additionally, those who are growing more than the legal limit are usually suspected of illegal growing operations. The legal cannabis industry is still new while the black market cannabis industry has been thriving for decades already and this presents a challenge for authorities trying to set the legal cannabis industry straight. The industry looks set to be a multi billion dollar industry and that will naturally attracted its fair share of shadow traders looking to duck the red tape and thrive off the marijuana hungry market.

For those consumers that are tempted to buy marijuana from a less than reputable source, it is advisable to think twice. Illegal growers are usually not hesitant about using harmful and illegal pesticides and their methods of cultivation are usually less than savoury. Cannabis is a plant that needs to be grown under specific conditions of you want a good, clean experience. Cannabis that has been grown under unsavoury conditions, with harmful pesticides or chemicals that are used to enhance the growth and yield of the plant are often harmful and destructive to your health and experience. Always look for a reputable grower and source you cannabis from a reliable and responsible dispensary.

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