Getting Your Legal Weed License in California

Weed License

Now that California has legalized both medical and recreational use of weed, any individual living in the state can apply for a weed license. The state will officially start issuing legal weed permits on January 1, 2018. If you want to start your own marijuana business, you will need a license. We have prepared a simple, comprehensive guide for you.

Important Information

There are important things you should know before applying for a California weed license. If you are planning to apply for legal cannabis permits in the state for the first few months of legality, you won’t be eligible for a permanent license. You will only be eligible for a temporary license asthe state has yet to finalize all matters regarding regulation from their part.

Also, you must apply for and be granted a local weed permit before you can be granted a statewide permit. As both state and local permits are essential to start and maintain marijuana businesses, you have to wait for your city to finish preparing local regulations.

How to Apply for Weed License

You can make the application in two ways depending on the one that appeals most to you; online or through email. In both cases you will need the following:

  1. State Permit

You must show proof that you are authorized to establish a marijuana business; otherwise, you will not be granted a Weed License in California.

  1. Business Information

You will be required to provide basic information for your business including business name, valid contact information, and a brief summary about how your business will operate. You won’t be required to provide a comprehensive business plan.

  1. Desired License Type and Class

You will be required to choose whether you will be dealing in recreational marijuana or medical marijuana. After that, you will have to specify the kind of business you want to establish, for example; Medical Marijuana Delivery, testing lab, California weed dispensary, and retailer.

  1. Basic Structure Plan

You will need to provide a simple plan for your structure or business room, including room layout and divisions.

Individuals applying for a permanent license will be required to provide more information, such as how they will secure the premises.

Important Checklist

Before applying for the license, check this important checklist prepared the state’s cannabis licensing division for both temporary and permanent license applicants. The tips on this checklist include lease agreement, property title, getting fingerprinting done, and proof of water source.


While we have tried to give detailed information about weed permit application in California, this is only a brief summary of the official requirements as outlined in California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control. As much as the process sounds complicated, provided you quality and determined to get the license; you will find the application process very easy.

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