Here Is How You Can Get Your Medical Marijuana Card for 2017 in California

Many people think that getting a medical marijuana card in California is hard but is that the case? No, in fact, with the new Proposition 64 now in place, it’s pretty simple. Besides that, you don’t even need a card in some situations especially if you have a valid medical marijuana doctor’s approval. That aside, what does one need to get a medical marijuana card in the state of California? Well, as a potential marijuana patient or recreational user, you probably have questions that you need to find their answers before getting started. We have pulled together the details and information you need to make the process of getting your card easy and successful.

Whether you are resident or new in the state of California, the information you need to kick off the process of becoming an approved/licensed marijuana user doesn’t differ much. Though there are some aspects of the new cannabis law that remain unclear, getting facts before starting to purchase or use medical marijuana is very vital. The fact that marijuana drug is no longer on the list of those decriminalized doesn’t mean that you are free to handle or use it. For your information, you can still get penalties and fines if the law finds you on the wrong side. To avoid such a situation, you need to have facts at your fingertips. Fortunately, everything you need is here.

Get Your Doctor’s/Physician’s Recommendation

Your first step before everything else should be getting a doctor’s recommendation. However, you should know that not all primary care doctors approve the use of medical marijuana. So what can you do if your doctor doesn’t believe in the healing power of marijuana? Well, it’s simple. You just need to find another doctor preferably one that specializes in marijuana. Fortunately, there are many such doctors at the moment in California and other states where medical weed is legal. You, therefore, simply have to locate a qualified and licensed one near you.

Once you have a doctor’s recommendation at hand, going forth to get your card will be pretty simple. Though it’s possible to get your card through a public or a private entity, there’s another procedure in California. As a resident, you can have your card issued to you by the state through the health department in the place you live. If you want to enjoy peace of mind, then this is probably the route you should follow. It’s the best and highly recommended because it gives you more comfort and security. However, you need to submit all the required documentation including doctor’s approval, ID and proof of residence before you go ahead to get the card.

Pay the Required Application Fees/Charges

As you submit the required documentation and complete the paperwork, you’ll also have to pay the necessary application fee. The application fees vary from one county to another. Besides that, the local government entities also have to make an assessment and determine how much you’ll pay. It’s also good for every potential marijuana patient or user to know that the fees vary from a medical and non-medical user. At the moment writing this article, the state fee for medical and nonmedical users was $33 and $66 respectively. As said earlier, these rates might have changed or will no doubt change as we move on depending on the state and local government entities.

If you are ready with all these and have paid your application fee, then it will just be a matter of days before your card is ready for collection. However, beware that there are some instances where the process might be delayed or fail to succeed. Therefore, payment of the application fee won’t be a guarantee that you’ll get your card. To avoid such circumstances, you need to make sure that the documentation you submit is truthful and what’s required. As a result, make sure you give everything that your health department requires. Once you give them, the county will have 30 days to review and verify your application. Once verified and approved, you’ll get your card within five days after the approval.

Keep Timelines and Renew It When Card Validity Period Expires

After following the procedure and finally getting your card, you ought to note that you won’t use it forever. The validity period is one year or unless otherwise. That means if you get one now, you’ll have to use it for one year and renew it next year. One will, of course, ask how the renewal process takes place. Well, you’ll be required to follow the whole process you followed the first time when you were applying for that card. Provided you have submitted everything that’s necessary you’ll get another card and identification number.

You’ve no doubt found this information helpful and useful as you seek to become a medical or even nonmedical marijuana user in California. It’s good to have facts at hand and answers to any questions you might have about this process. Remember that the passing of Proposition 64 last year didn’t give everyone a license to start to handle or to use cannabis. You need to get a card and doctor’s approval for medical users. With that, you’ll be free to start enjoying your medical or recreational cannabis. Keep and adhere to the law to avoid trouble.

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