Here’s what the Federal Government Can Do to Prevent Pot Experiments from Playing Out

The marijuana industry has been winning since last year, and the winning wave is still moving across other parts of the US. However, does it imply that the federal government will allow things to happen with having their hand in the industry? Well, for all the good reasons, some measures will come in place to help prevent the marijuana train from going off its tracks. Some crimes are still punishable by the federal law. Besides that, the government is still yet to put everything in place to ensure that opportunists don’t misdirect the marijuana industry that’s promising at the moment. To keep things in cannabis industry within the law, the federal government is likely to do these things:

Formulate Stricter Regulations

Marijuana legalization opponents have not been sitting to watch things as the pot industry grows. In fact, some opponents have been advising and seeking assistance from the government to have some marijuana products banned from shelves. So is commercial pot bad to the extent that some products should not be out there? Well, we cannot overlook the possibility of some individuals and groups taking advantage of the law to do what’s not right. The fact that lawmakers are aware of these options means that it’s just a matter of time before we see some new guidelines in the industry.

Stricter regulations may come in the form of lengthy procedures for getting a license to produce or sell medical marijuana products. In fact, in some states such as Colorado, businesses are complaining about the delays they face whenever they are out there looking for permits and licenses. Though some people might think that that’s the case because the law is not yet fully enforced, the truth could be different. That could just be a way to regulate the industry and prevent the influx of opportunistic businesses.

Law Enforcement Raids

Going to court to prosecute marijuana lawbreakers can be an expensive option for the government. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t have control over marijuana businesses. The other less expensive option that it can use to tame the cannabis industry is law enforcement raids. The federal government has the power to carry out such raids and shut down all noncompliant businesses. At the moment, such actions haven’t been taken, but we are likely to see them once things are well established in the industry. With all that, which businesses or individuals will be raided? Well, the drug enforcement administration targets the law breakers. So if you are a licensed user taking the drug for medical reasons, then you have nothing to worry about it.

Tax and Financial Hurdles

Marijuana businesses cannot enjoy incentives or tax holidays as it is the case with other small businesses. Besides that, such businesses have limited access to other auxiliary services such as banking. Financial institutions are a little bit leery when it comes to paperwork for firms that deal with marijuana. All these hurdles are some of the ways that the federal government can use to regulate the industry. At the moment, the biggest complaint about marijuana industry by businesses is the taxes. Some claim that they have to pay even as high as 80% of every dollar. That’s, indeed, high and is seen as a way in which the government is trying to make it hard for many businesses to enter into this industry that’s now under the new law. Indeed, it won’t be a walk in the park for businesses that are either already operating or have an interest in setting foot in the cannabis industry.

Federal Courts Intervention

The government through the justice department can file lawsuits against noncompliant states. Such actions can be taken not only on businesses but even against the entire state if the government feels that things are not going as required. Yes, states have legalized medical cannabis but remember that some actions remain punishable by the federal law. Besides that, there is a lot of controversy at the moment between the state and federal law. Until these things are clear, it might not be okay for those who are not patient to wait until the law is clear. For safety and to remain on the right side of the law, beware of both the state and federal law.

A closer look at the marijuana industry and its happenings reveals that though states have the power to pass laws for marijuana, the federal law is still applicable. The federal government can’t just sit and watch things happen. It can still use any of the above and many other ways to make sure that things are okay. Indeed, there are many means to slow or even stop the marijuana train where it feels there’s a need to do so in any state. Government’s power and options are valid. Therefore, all stakeholders need to have all these things at their fingertips.

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