Labor Unions See Organizing California Marijuana Workers as a Way to Grow

California Marijuana

With approval of Proposition 64, which legalized recreational use of pot as from January1, 2018, a lot of changes are expected to take place in the industry. Birds Landing Marijuana Delivery Currently, the legal California marijuana industry is worth an estimated 7 billion dollars and has huge potential to grow very quickly when recreational use goes legal on Jan. 1. Gonzales Marijuana Delivery

California marijuana industry workers are currently the prime target of unions. According to the unions, the weed industry will achieve greater success if they successfully organize workers.

As reported by the Associated Press, three of California’s most active unions are engaged in a battle to represent the thousands of legal cannabis delivery California employees, growers, and rollers. But it has yet not been decided which unions will represent the workers.

The weed industry has a workforce at least 100,000. Data from the Bureau of Statistics shows in the 1980s a quarter of the American workforce belonged to a trade union, but the numbers have dwindled to 10 percent. If a trade union manages to get only a fraction of those workers on board, they will do wonders.

Republican lawmakers are pushing for a law that will literally starve unions by limiting the extent to which a union can require employees’ membership, fees, or payment of union dues as a condition for employment.

Which of the unions get to represent California online weed dispensary employees, growers, trainers,and other pot workers is yet to be known.

Founded in in the 1950s by Dolores Huerta, Cesar Chaves, and Gilbert Padilla, United Farm Workers (UFW) says it’s the best fit for pot workers as its specialty is organizing agro-industry workers, which aligns well with cannabis growing, processing, sale, and shipment.  The union has an aggressive political history. Carpinteria Marijuana Delivery

UFW’s vice president has called on all cannabis workers to join the union, saying it wants to talk with them.

The Teamsters have interest in weed workers and do not to battle it out with trade unions for they believe that in any case, the workers will, in the end, find representation in a union that best serves their interest. King City Marijuana Delivery

United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) that currently represents individuals working in meat packing factories, retail stores, and groceries says pot California marijuana workers fall within its jurisdiction.

The relationship between pot workers and unions is not entirely new because some of them have been working with them in other states where recreational pot is already legal.

The UFWC is already working with weed employees in 7 states, and their membership includes dispensers, growers, bakers, and trainers.

The Teamsters has been enrolling weed trimmers and growers in Northern California since 2010. Against all odds, this union was the first to attempt to unionize pot growers in California.

The unions claim that by unionizing the workers, the industry will realize more productivity. We would have to wait until they take the action to prove their claims.

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