Marijuana Use Still Illegal at Coachella in spite of California’s Recreational Legalization

While California has now fully legalized marijuana use, you may not be allowed to use it in some locations or events. Carpinteria Marijuana Delivery

Coachella is one of the most popular festivals in California attended by at least 600,000 people from various parts of the nation. The event’s stacked lineup and desert surrounding have made it ideal destination among many people. King City Marijuana Delivery

If you are planning on coming with your weed package, there is bad marijuana online California news for you.

While weed is legal in California and some states, it is classified as Schedule 1 substance under federal law alongside substances such as heroin and cocaine. The Federal Government prohibits crossing border state lines with weed. It does not consider weed as a recreational right or medical need.

Regardless of whether you have medical cannabis for a documented need or not, you aren’t allowed to cross state lines with it. Even if you are traveling from the nation’s Capital to California, both of which have legalized medical weed, you are prohibited from carrying it.

Many people are left wondering how a substance can be both legal and illegal at the same time. Well, in 1970 president Richard Nixon signed into law the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), which unified former drug laws in one place. Birds Landing Marijuana Delivery

The SCA categorizes drugs with high potential for abuse and that have no currently accepted medical use as “Schedule 1” drugs. This is paradoxical as depending on the perspective, any drug could have legitimate medical use. For many centuries MDMA has been used in treatment of severe trauma. As well, some cultures have allowed marijuana use as they appreciate its medicinal properties. Gonzales Marijuana Delivery

The CSA relies on the respective state governments to assist it in prosecuting individuals and businesses that violate drug policies. Thus, the CSA gives some authority to states over their drug policies as they are very important in enforcement. This means as long as individuals are within their state, they are immune, but once they are involved in interstate commerce, they fall under the Federal Jurisdiction and are prone to prosecution. The contemporary landscape has made the Feds to exert their force on air travel.

A short while after the Sep. 11, 2001 terrorist attack in the US, the government created Homeland Security as well as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). As people were very terrified after the attacks, they were very willing to exchange their personal liberties with security. The struggle between perceived liberty and perceived safety is very relevant to this day.

As much as the TSA primarily deals with explosives and bomb screening, they can also report any other illegal activity to the authorities. If you bring drugs into their jurisdiction, they may detain you and report you to the police.

Possession for use and possession for sale of a controlled substance are viewed differently under law. Selling attracts more severe punishment of jail time. In California, marijuana use is no longer criminal offense.

Law enforcement look for many things when deciding to press charges on the subject, key among them: quantity of the substance, possession of many phones, individual versus separate packaging, large quantities of cash, and digital or written sales records. Keep reading California weed news for more information on this as the rules are changing every now and them.

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