Punchy permit prices payable for medical marijuana deliveries in Oxnard

Pot delivery companies will have to pay a total of $545 to service medical marijuana clients in Oxnard.

This has recently been decided by the Ventura County Oxnard City Council at its monthly meeting.

The delivery permits are subject to two payments – $265 for a delivery permit and a further $280 for a driver’s permit.

Oxnard has banned any retail outlets within its city limits for the sale of recreational or medical marijuana. However, the city council was willing to make a concession to allow courier companies to make doorstep deliveries to medical patients.

The delivery permits are valid for 12 months and are subject to renewal fees of $265 for a delivery permit and $255 for a driver’s permit.

Further restraining conditions imposed by the city council are:

  1. Pot delivery companies have to adhere to a set of council conditions
  2. Delivery vehicles cannot display any advertisements
  3. Deliveries can only take place between 8 am and 8 pm

Oxnardis the most densely populated city in Ventura County with almost 200,000 residents. The city council approved medical pot delivery services last year in July.

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