Jurupa Valley residents will dictate if weed becomes legal

Jurupa Valley residents hold the power to overturn the City Council’s unanimous anti-marijuana stance when they go to the polls on June 5 to vote for or against decriminalizing weed within their city limits. Polling day spells a winner-take-all outcome. Voters will have one of two choices and whichever one receives more than half of the votes will become the law. The scenario of whether or not Jurupa Valley goes “green” on that date boils down to one of two choices, namely Measure A or Measure B. Measure A(pro-weed) will…

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California Economic Benefits from Marijuana Legalization

The economy benefits when there is money flowing within the system.  With the latest marijuana news from California, the lawful recreational marijuana trade is poised to bring in millions of dollars in tax revenue. California stands as the sixth largest economy in the world. In 2015 California had an output of $2.46 trillion. Gonzales Marijuana Delivery  This is why it is such a big deal for economic benefits that the golden state has just legalized the recreational use and sale of cannabis. Carpinteria Marijuana Delivery This new trade of legal…

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Labor Unions See Organizing California Marijuana Workers as a Way to Grow

California Marijuana

With approval of Proposition 64, which legalized recreational use of pot as from January1, 2018, a lot of changes are expected to take place in the industry. Birds Landing Marijuana Delivery Currently, the legal California marijuana industry is worth an estimated 7 billion dollars and has huge potential to grow very quickly when recreational use goes legal on Jan. 1. Gonzales Marijuana Delivery California marijuana industry workers are currently the prime target of unions. According to the unions, the weed industry will achieve greater success if they successfully organize workers.…

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