Marijuana: A Wellness Industry in California

Wellness Industry

California has a culture built on alternative lifestyles, and the recent legalization of recreational marijuana seems as if the government is just playing catch up to a place that a vast majority of Californians have been for quite some time. California is one of America’s top states when it comes to the financial market, so it is no surprise that with the perception shift surrounding marijuana a new market and wellness industry is on the verge of an upsurge. With California being the sixth largest economy in the world this…

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Drug Peddler Confesses to N500, 000 in Daily Cannabis Sales

In the town of Akala in Mushin, Lagos State, police officials arrested a suspected drug dealer for dealing in marijuana. Along with 49 other people, the Lagos State Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences Enforcement Unit arrested Sunday Adesoye, also known as Marlboro, on Saturday. Police allegedly seized 48 bags of illegal drugs from the suspects. Adesoye reportedly said in his statement to police that he was selling N500, 000 worth of marijuana and other illegal narcotics every day in Akala. Olayinka Egbeyemi, chairperson of the task force, said…

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People Vape Not to Get Caught

Whenever one wanders the streets of Manchester, he or she is more than likely to get a whiff of the distinctive, dark aroma of pot wafting in the breeze. However, experts explain how advanced technology is making it easier for people to smoke in public without attracting unwanted attention from the law. Vapes, or vaporizers, are similar to e-cigarettes, and they are growing in popularity among pot users. Since their arrival from China 10 years ago, e-cigarettes have been gradually growing in acceptance and demand. According to a YouGov study…

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Study Finds No Negative Effects of Marijuana on Kidney Function

A recent study examined whether cannabis has any effect on kidney function, and if so, what exactly. However, it found little evidence that consumption has any impact on the kidneys of healthy young adults at all. The Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology published the scientific analysis, but further study is necessary to assess the effects of pot in older adults and those with kidney disease.   Because people are increasingly becoming accepting of marijuana use in the United States, there is a dire need for scientific study…

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Consumer Support Ignites Cannabis Sales Projections


The future for US cannabis is looking bright. It has been given the green light in many states and the world may soon follow. Canada is set to become the second nation in the world (and the first large first world nation) to legalization recreational marijuana. 29 US states currently allow medical marijuana while recreational marijuana is legitimatized in 8 – Colorado, Oregon, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Alaska, California and Washington. The total marijuana market in the US is currently estimated to be worth $50 billion when black market sales are…

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How Many Nanograms of THC is Too Many to Drive?

To put it simply, it is not possible to test how many nanograms of THC is too many to drive. This is an area of some confusion among law enforcement officials as there are no real tests that can be taken and no definitive guidelines to go by. The test for alcohol bears no applicability to THC, the active compound found in Cannabis. This is because alcohol dissolves in water, while THC dissolves in fat. So while a driver may be clearly stoned, there is no way to test for…

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