Weed-Smoking Gorilla Ushers in New Era in Marijuana Packaging

It is an exciting time in the weed industry with legalization on the rise and consumers in many states are eager for the legislation to be implemented. At the time of this writing, up to 20% of Americans can now legally smoke or consume marijuana as they please. A whole new industry is on the rise in terms of cannabis products. Businesses of all kinds must now differentiate their products from others as the battle for the marketplace ensues. The weed industry is predicted to reach $50 billion by 2025, up from its current estimated value of $8 billion.

And one way to do this is with good marketing and packaging. If anything has been learned from the cigarette companies it is that advertising is everything. Good or bad advertising will make or break a company. That said, advertising in terms of marijuana consumption is going to go in the opposite direction. It will concern itself with how marijuana is good for the health and how the packaging is 100% recyclable, ecofriendly and possibly in support of third world countries. Not just how cool it is to smoke, the traditional advertising approach to smoking cigarettes.

But there are now marijuana cigarettes which are designed in much the same way that” old fashioned” cigarettes were designed. One such brand is known as “Toast” with an elegant purple tip. The cigarettes are known as “slices”.

Packaging Companies

There are already marijuana packaging companies whose function is to neatly package marijuana products. Kush Bottles Inc is one such company, engaging in the marketing and selling of packaging solutions to customers. Kush Bottles has been around since 2010 and sells everything from exit bags to glass bongs to rolling papers.

Many of those who cultivate marijuana will not have the business savvy or expertise to find or create the appropriate packaging. Kush Bottlesmainly sells in the business to business market including medical marijuana dispensaries and green house growers. It provides a number of packaging solutions to customers and is an example of one of many spin off industries that are going to emerge from marijuana legalization.

Packaging is one way to make money off marijuana legalization without getting into the nitty gritty of actually cultivating the crop and trying to comply with numerous standards. Appearances are everything and as the industry is so new the company that markets the best wins the market. There is no way to tell right now which companies are the best and which are the worse, as only time can separate the two. This is why packaging and marketing companies are so important and why growers are eager to pay companies like Kush Bottles for packaging and design solutions. Another up and coming company in the marijuana design and packaging sector is Pollen Gear, with customized packages for different marijuana strains.

The New Era in Marijuana Packaging

It goes without saying that Marijuana packing is going to be crucial in terms of sales for emerging businesses. At this stage people are going to go with the best looking and most professional types of products, such as “Slices” of “Toast” (Toast being the brand). This form of clever marketing is bound to sway many young people and could well turn into a fad.

Parallels can be drawn with the cigarette industry, where people got hooked when they were young and never strayed from a particular brand, in some cases for their whole lives. The weed industry may be no different, and people are going to start associating a particular brand name with a certain type of product. What Starbucks does for coffee and McDonalds does for fast food, some company or another is going to do to the marijuana industry. There is definitely going to be market leaders for certain products as this is how capitalism works.

But hopefully the sales of marijuana will not simply become another money-making racket. Marijuana is a relaxing plant and its purpose is to help people enjoy their lives. As soon as money enters the equation it can become just another material to be acquired.

Just like the cigarette industry weed marketing is going to be subject to many rules and regulations. Products still have to comply with existing commercial law and cannot make fraudulent claims that have not been scientifically verified. Weed is only legal for those over the age of 21 and advertising those younger that this age category will be in violation of state laws.

The Importance of Marketing

The importance of marketing, branding and marketing cannot be underestimated at this early stage, and it will be interesting to see what market leaders emerge in the field of marijuana consumption. It is not always the best quality products which take center stage, but the product which is marketed and promoted most effectively.

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