Why the Marijuana Industry Is Expected To Create More Jobs than the Manufacturing Industry

Since it’s legalization in California, marijuana is now completely a new drug attracting attention from everywhere. Right from dispensaries, growers, the government and even the state, medical cannabis is the talk of everyone now. From all these happenings, it’s clear that in a few years, the marijuana industry will be one of the biggest ones creating many employment opportunities. In fact, it’s projected that it will even be a bigger employer than the manufacturing industry. Yes, you heard it? It will be bigger than the manufacturing and other industries! From reports and studies, here are reasons why the Cannabis Industry will generate many jobs than the currently leading industries:

It Is Expected To Grow At an Annual Compound Rate of At Least, 17%

Which other industry currently enjoys a rate that’s more than that? Well, though manufacturing has been a big employer creating many jobs annually, the marijuana industry might pass it. In the last year alone, cannabis market was worth $7.2billion. With the new law in place and the entry of many other players, this figure will go up in a few years. At the moment, many farmers are getting into the business of cultivating legal medical cannabis. On the other hand, dispensaries and delivery teams are also finding places in this industry. The government and the state are also not left out. Indeed, everyone is exploring the marijuana industry. With all these players and other stakeholders seizing opportunities, we have no doubt that the employment opportunities from the marijuana industry will be more than those from the manufacturing industry.

The Cannabis Industry Already Employs More Than a 100,000 Workers

Even as we wait for the law to take full force come 2018, the marijuana industry is already employing thousands of people. Cannabis professionals are increasing every day. With the many benefits of medical cannabis, more doctors are coming on board. Moreover, the new dispensaries are also creating employment. That’s why at the moment, those already in the industry are many. According to the Marijuana Business Daily, between 100,000-150,000 are already in the industry. Besides that, there are thousands of others in plant-touching companies. With all these workers, there’s no question as to why the marijuana industry won’t pass the manufacturing and others. It’s just a matter of about three years before the marijuana industry takes over from biggest employers.

Formal Institutions are Training Potential Workers

With input from the formal institutions such as the Oaksterdam University in California, there’s no doubt that cannabis industry will be a big employer. At the moment, many potential workers are getting training to sharpen their skills in readiness for the many opportunities in the industry. You might be asking why such training is required. Well, the new marijuana law does not give permission to everyone to handle the drug. It’s clear on who has the permission to handle or trade it. However, to prevent unwanted happenings from taking place, there’s a need to let those in the industry know what the law requires of them. Besides that, medical cannabis has many applications. Through the training from formal institutions, potential workers will know where to enter and how to act while there.

Employees at the Moment Are Genuinely Happy with their Employment

At the moment, those already in the marijuana industry seem to be grateful for their jobs. Unlike in the past when marijuana was known for bad things, it’s now a new face, and everyone seems to be wishing to get a space there. However, the new law and many other changes have transformed the cannabis industry. This transformation and the satisfaction enjoyed by those already in the industry will attract many others. In no time, we will see many people getting employed in the industry. Other industries at the moment do not seem to have all these attractions. As a result, the marijuana industry will surpass many including the manufacturing industry that’s among the largest employers. Will they respond to this competition or they will just let the marijuana industry take over? We’ll see.

The cannabis industry growth is highly promising and attracting everyone. Who thought that such an industry that was known for crimes for many decades would change to be among the greatest employers? Well, the time has come, and the cannabis train is unstoppable. Many are already happy and satisfied with what they have in this industry. Most importantly, there are thousands of medical cannabis patients enjoying the healing power of weed. With the support from the state, research bodies/institutions, and the federal government, the marijuana industry will be one of the biggest economic drivers in California and the entire U.S. nation.  Based on the projections and development, the future is bright for the cannabis industry and all its stakeholders. By 2020, manufacturing sector and other employers might need to borrow some leaves from the weed industry.

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