Why Trump’s Administration Might Go Slow on Fighting Legal Medical Cannabis

Though medical and recreational cannabis is now legal in many states including California, there has been a big controversy between the state and federal law. While there might be good reasons for the federal government to fight legal marijuana, experts say that the government under Trump’s administration might go slow on this matter. In fact, the highly anticipated war between these two levels of government is unlikely to happen for all the wonderful reasons. Recreational users have always been anxious and carrying out their activities with extra care. If you are among them and have been worried about the federal law, then cool down. Fighting legal marijuana is a big battle and here’s why Trump’s administration is unlikely to do so:

Public Opinion on Legal Medical/Recreational Marijuana Is Against It

It will be a big issue for the government to go against the wishes of many people. Last year, the vote to legalize marijuana won by a high percentage implying that many people are supporting the idea to legalize medical cannabis. In fact, polls have reported that public support for the drug is about ninety percent in some areas. With such a significant backing, the government will no doubt go slow on fighting the drug especially in states where it’s now legal. However, that does not mean that the federal government won’t take any action. The law remains clear on some offenses such as selling to minors and others. So as patients and recreational users continue enjoying it, they should be aware of what the law says about it.

It Isn’t One of Trump’s Priority Areas at the Moment

Indeed, Trump has been clear on changing federal law in several areas, but at the moment, fighting legal cannabis is not on the list of priorities. It’s, therefore, unlikely for his administration to start shifting attention to areas not on the list. Besides that, there are a lot of other areas that need urgent intervention and this area is not one of them. However, as has been the case, it can be a little bit hard to predict what Trump is likely to do. His stance hasn’t been straightforward. During his campaigns and even now as the president, we cannot say that he is supportive of any position. We can only wait and see what’s going to happen especially as we head to 2018 when the marijuana law is applicable fully. But as at now, we can say that fighting legal cannabis isn’t a priority at the moment.

Fighting Legal Medical/Recreational Weed is Costly

Over the decades, the federal government has been spending a lot of money on prosecuting cases involving marijuana. Now that states have come up with a law legalizing cannabis, it won’t make sense for the government to spend high on something that’s not a big deal. What’s likely to happen is that the federal government will concentrate on getting revenue from the marijuana industry. It’s expected that the industry will be generating employment opportunities and revenue to the government. Therefore, the government’s main focus will be collecting taxes rather than spending heavily. In fact, it’s a great relieve for the government because the many cases that used to cost a lot are now reducing. What’s going to happen is just a move to make sure that players in the industry abide by the existing state and federal marijuana law.

The Authority of the Federal Government on this Matter Is Unclear

The debate on which law is greater than the other when it comes to legal marijuana is unclear. The federal government is not the primary authority to enforce laws governing drugs. On the other hand, the state cannot act alone when it comes to dealing with drug laws. This unclear matter is a big debate now. As a result, the federal government might be slow when it comes to fighting legal medical/recreational cannabis. As we wait for courts and other bodies to clear this matter, we can only remain safe by acting within both laws. Use medical cannabis as stated by the state law but be careful not to commit crimes that are punishable by the federal law. But as long it remains unclear which law is more superior to the other, Trump’s administration is unlikely to start fighting legal cannabis.

In conclusion, we can say that it’s certainly a little bit hard for the federal government to start waging war against states that have legalized marijuana. What’s important at the moment is how to get as much revenue as possible from this industry that looks promising. In fact, it’s evident from what’s happening now that the marijuana industry is going to take over many other sectors that have been big job creators in the economy. It’s, therefore, not something good and rational to fight an industry that’s growing very first and promising to every stakeholder. Marijuana enjoys a big support, and the government will no doubt go slow on fighting or stopping it from developing.

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