Woody Harrelson Says Weed Saved Him at Trump Dinner

World-renowned marijuana activist and actor Woody Harrelson came out recently and said that he had to smoke weed at a dinner with Trump just to survive it. He said that the dinner party, organized in 2002 by now-President Donald Trump, was so utterly unbearable that he had to step outside for a few hits just to keep his wits and composure about him.  King City Marijuana Delivery

The actor and Texas-born thespian, made famous for his roles in movies and such TV shows as True Detective and Cheers, made this announcement recently on Real Time with Bill Maher, where he made an appearance to promote LBJ, his latest film about presidential figure, Lyndon B. Johnson, which premiers next Friday. Gonzales Marijuana Delivery

According to Harrelson, he received his invite to the shindig in New York from Jesse Ventura, the former professional wrestling icon now turned politician. Trump was allegedly courting Ventura at the time to join his ticket for the presidential primaries in 2004, on the side of the Democratic Party. Much has changed since then, as Trump is now president and a notable Republican. Carpinteria Marijuana Delivery

“I went and it was brutal,” recounted Harrelson on Real Time with Bill Maher. “I never met a more narcissistic man. He talked about himself the whole time and you could see the standard he was going to bear from that. I had to walk out halfway through to smoke a joint just to, like, steel myself for the rest of it.”

The actor has been smoking marijuana publically in joints, bongs, and everything between for decades. He is an outspoken advocate of legalization who has never hid his usage or opinions behind secretive doors. However, Harrelson confirmed to Bill Maher that he quit smoking cannabis a year and a half ago, which seemed to make Maher nostalgic for past shenanigans with the actor. Birds Landing Marijuana Delivery

Right after Harrelson confessed to quitting marijuana, Maher shared a photograph of him smoking a bong on location while filming a sketch for the very first episode of Real Time with Bill Maher back in 2003. Sporting a much younger, goofier appearance and hairstyle, the picture clearly shows Harrelson enjoying the bong immensely.

The actor, who plays Lyndon B. Johnson, former President of the United States, in his latest movie, LBJ, also compared his character to the Trump of today. While admitting that Johnson had a foul mouth and would not hesitate to use it with near abandon, Harrelson said that he “was not publically vulgar like Trump.” Perhaps he should have invited Trump to join him for that joint outside during dinner.

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